Usage example
You are going to watch TV with your friends. Set TV volume to comfortable for everyone level, than run the application, add new profile and go through the test (with TV on). It is recommended to use built-in mic pointed towards sound source. Now you can use saved profile for watching TV with your friends at comfortable for all volume level.
I downloaded and installed the app, is it free to use or I have to pay?
This version of the application is free to use for unlimited period. The only thing we ask you to do is to rate it in AppStore, leave feedback or suggestions on the app page in AppStore, Facebook, VK or on the website through contact form.
Can I use the application in cinema?
Yes, you can use it for watching movies and TV. We recommend creating a profile in appropriate environment and using it with built-in microphone (mic switch in «device» position). You can get best performance by pointing the device mic towards the screen and placing it on any surface or holding it in hand.
I performed testing and saved the profile at home, but in the cafe conversation seems inaudible to me.
Please add new profile in appropriate sound environment, so Petralex will process sound correctly and enhance speech audibility.
I created a profile for the lectures in the classroom, but still can`t hear clear enough, what should I do?
In order to get clear sound from a remote source (further then 1m) use the built-in mic and point the device mic towards speaker or sound source. You can place the device on any surface, i.e. on a table. Petralex app will process sound from directed on a sound source mic and amplify it according to your personal profile settings. You can use mic sensitivity adjustment and volume control buttons on the device or in the app.
Can I use Petralex for calls? Phone conversation sounds are not clear sometime.
This version doesn`t support sound processing during phone calls due to phone operating systems restrictions. Voice call capability for Petralex app users and conventional phone networks users will be added in next versions.
I have a hearing loss of 2nd degree, can I use Petralex instead of a hearing aid?
You can use the application to improve speech intelligibility in different sound environments, but the application itself is not a medically approved hearing aid. The Petralex app was tested by patients with 1st and 2nd hearing loss degrees, the results were positive, all the patients were satisfied with Petralex performance. But this version of the Petralex app does not have necessary certification to be recognized as medically approved hearing aid. If you`ll decide to use the app (it's free!) please rate it and leave a comment on AppStore page, in Facebook or on our site.
Can I use Petralex with music/radio player app in noisy environment, i.e. in transport?
Current version doesn`t have such feature, but we plan to add it in a future releases, so stay tuned.
I can hardly hear very quiet sounds, and if I `ll use Petralex to enhance my hearing, will it amplify loud sounds too?
Petralex uses sophisticated sound processing algorithms with nonlinear gain. This means that you'll hear quiet sounds amplified and loud sounds without amplification, so you don`t have to worry about it- you`ll hear loud sounds at usual level.
Can I use a hearing test in the application to determine my hearing loss grade?
Hearing test provided in the app is suitable only for personalizing sound enhancement settings in particular sound environment. Test results cannot be used as a basis for diagnosis.
I wanted to try the app but didn`t find it Play Market, how can i install it?
The app can be unavailable if we are not sure in it`s compatibility with your phone model. Please write us, specify your phone manufacturer, model name and Android version - we`ll try to test and update our app for achieving full compatibility.
I downloaded updates for Petralex App, as I see, now it supports  Bluetooth headsets. So how should I use Petralex with one-ear Bluetooth headset and perform test for it?
Please indicate the ear for testing and using Petralex with one-ear Bluetooth headset, go through test and save the appropriate profile with a note for Left or Right ear. Use saved profile with your headset on appropriate ear.
I have a Bluetooth stereo headset, so can I get stereo sound with your Petralex Hearing Aid app?
Unfortunately, Bluetooth protocol itself doesn`t allow stereo sound transmission while using mic (headset or built-in) for sound capturing. Please select “Bluetooth common” profile for testing (both ears, similar to wired headset) and use this profile with your BT Stereo headset. You will hear processed sound in both earphones in mono mode. Bluetooth Stereo headsets can be used with our Radio and Music Apps.