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Mobile learning as alternative to assistive technology devices for special needs students

Abstract Assistive Technology (AT) revolutionized the process of learning for special needs students during the past three decades. Thanks to this technology, accessibility and educational inclusion became attainable more than any time in the history of special education.

Virtual Learning for People with Hearing Impairs.

We develop and offer various training methods, which may help to involve students with hearing, impairs into a learning process.

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청력 손실 현대 사회의 실제 문제입니다.도시에서 지속적인 소음 공해를 고려하여,세계 보건기구는 2020년까지 세계에서 사람들은 4 억 5 천만 명 이상의 약간 또는 심각한 청력 손실을 겪게됩니다.