Turn your smartphone into a fully functional hearing aid with Petralex application!

Petralex is a revolutionary fully functional application for smartphones and tablets with all the functions of a hearing aid. With Petralex you can use your mobile device with simple headphones or headset as a delicate and unnoticeable hearing aid – you will not be ashamed of using a device for hearing improvement and there is no need to change the batteries regularly.

Mobile gadgets have already become an essential part of modern people’s lives, but not everybody knows that these devices can replace and improve narrow-purpose equipment such as hearing aid. Patented algorithms and user-friendly interface allow the application to operate on the same principle as usual hearing aids but at the same time use powerful elements of modern gadgets to maximize the quality of sound and convenience of their use.

Processing power of modern smartphones is so high that there is no need for a separate hearing aid anymore. Any smartphone has a built-in microphone and a headphone (or headset) jack, so it can be used as a base for an advanced digital hearing aid.

Petralex provides the following features:

  • Easy to create, save and select the profile of audio settings;
  • Selection of built-in microphone or headset;
  • Suppression of acoustic feedback effect;
  • High quality of sound with discretization frequency of 44,1 kHz;
  • Use of binaural frequency-dependent amplification in accordance with existing specifications (gain prescription formulas) NAL, Berger, POGO;
  • Use of patented technology “Petralex hearing improvement”;
  • Full acoustic enhancement up to 30 dB with standard headset;
  • Calculated minimal delay of signal processing: 6,3–15,7 msec depending on the device model;
  • Minimum demand of phone battery power.


Petralex is easy to use and allows you to connect a usual headset, so you do not have to visit an audiologist for the maintenance of your equipment.

The application is easily installed and adjusted on any device – it will take a few minutes without seeing a specialist! The application is user-friendly and easy to control, which allows people with poor hearing to talk, listen to music, visit cinemas, concerts and theatres without any problems. You can create several hearing profiles for different environments and quickly switch between them.

Petralex has a technological advantage as it was created by professionals with account of long-term experience of helping people with hearing difficulties.

In the nearest future we are going to present Dectone application which will put into action all the new ideas that came up when supporting and adjusting Petralex (noise suppression, quiet sounds amplification, above-threshold audiometry).


The Petralex® app is not approved as a medical device or software and cannot be used as a hearing aid with doctor's prescription. Audiometric test provided in the application can be used only for app adjustment. Testing results are not a substitute for professional audiology tests and cannot be considered as a basis for diagnosis.