Advantages of the application FREE

Hearing test
Getting an audiogram at home within a few minutes.
Automatic setting
Simple automatic adjustment of the application without a specialist's help.
Speech recognition
Automatic conversion of the recorded speech into text
Acoustic amplification
Full acoustic amplification up to 30 dB with a wired headset
No one will pay any attention to phone or tablet user, no one will guess about its importance for you.
Dynamic compression
Regulated amplification of quiet sounds with preservation of the general volume level.

Advanced possibilities

Super Boost
Modern amplification method which amplifies even better
Regulated noise suppression
Elimination of backgroud noises and increase of speech intelligibility.
Audio recorder
Recording the conversation with a built-in dictaphone with sound amplification
Additional applications for listening to music, radio, and video with amplified sound.
Adaptation course
Unique audiovisual course for adaptation of your hearing to the hearing aid.

Economic benefits

Service life 3 years

Lifetime - Unlimited

Annual battery costs

Annual subscription to the application

Annual costs for consumables and cleaning

No maintenance costs

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Hearing Test

Check you hearing without visiting a specialist audiologist: it will only take 2 minutes.

Music player

Music player with sound amplification for hearing impaired.

Hearing aid - Adaptation course

Adaptation course for hearing


Video player with sound amplification for hearing impaired.

Petralex caller

Coming soon


Radio with sound amplification for hearing impaired.